If you’re looking for a safe place to board your dog while you’re away,our home is the answer! You can be assured that your dog is treated as one of our family,and is cared for by skilled,educated professionals in the field.



Professional Certified Dog Trainers and Behavior Consultants.We Also Offer In-Home, CAGE-LESS,Dog Boarding and are conveniently located in Staten Island,NY and Monroe County,PA.

Cage Free Boarding | Dog Training | Behavior Consulting

Hello Future Camper Parents! We are professional, certified, dog trainers and behavior consultants.We also offer in home, CAGE-LESS, dog boarding and are conveniently located in Staten Island, NY and Monroe County, PA.If you’re looking for a safe place to board your dog while you’re away, our home is the answer! You can be assured that your dog is treated as one of our family, and is cared for by skilled, educated professionals in the field.Additionally, we are proud to offer our services as professional dog trainers and behavior consultants.Our mission is to set all dogs up for success and help you to better work with your dog, in a non-coercive way.We urge you to check out our extensive resume and testimonials.Dogs are not only our business but our lives and our passion!

We specialize in Animal Husbandry,Ethology,Learning Theory,Canine Behavior & Social Communication through our intensive studies .We gain your dogs trust learn there individual temperament and personality,therefore growing a special relationship with them.Your dogs will get plenty of physical and mental exercise as we are dog trainers and behavior consultants that understand the science behind how dogs think and learn.



Our Services

If you don’t see something you need please ask! Feel free to ask us questions if you need some other service such as feeding fish,taking care of birds or reptiles our specialty is dogs but we have experience with other household pets.

Dog Training and Behavior Consulting

Camp Ruff Ruff is a full dog training service and behavior counselor using science based force free methods.We offer counseling with many behavior issues as listed but not limited to:

  • House Training,
  • Loose leash Walking,
  • Excessive barking,
  • Separation Anxiety, Fear/Aggression to help your dog gain more confidence around the triggering stimuli,
  • Puppy Socializing and remedial Socializing, Basic and advanced Obedience…


Cage-Free Dog Boarding

We are a in home boarding CAGE-LESS service in the metropolitan region.If your looking for a safe place for your dog while your away our home is your answer.We take your dog into our home and treat it like part of our family with personal and professional care giving.You can be assured that your dog is treated as one of our family,and is cared for by skilled,educated professionals in the field.

We at www.campruffruff.com are a premier organization devoted to making your pets more attuned to our home environment in the most friendly and humane way possible.We also are one of the best options for you to keep your pet in case you and your family have to leave town.We provide homely surroundings for your pet and are totally against any sort of confinement.

I am Vinny, an animal lover since childhood and a certified behavior consultant and professional dog trainer.I started this enterprise to...


Pet Visits

Pet visits consist of different services depending on each individual client.We can do visits to feed and give water to cats along with cleaning of  litter box.We also do visits for dogs for owners that are on vacation (length of time varies).We also can do birds or fish please feel free to contact us.This is a limited service that we may take on depending on availability.

In-home pet care services include:

  • Feeding
  • Walking
  • Playing
  • Administering medication (please ask first)
  • Pet waste pick up
  • Taking care of all your pets needs


Dog Walking

We currently offer dog walking when we have openings therefore please call for availability.Camp Ruff Ruff is offering dog limited walking and will offer more as we expand our dog walker network. We go through very tough procedures to pick our walkers.We expect the same level of service and professionalism for what our brand stands for from all staff.

Why Daily Walks

  • Great part of an overall enrichment plan
  • All Dogs Love to be on a routine
  • Great for daily exercise
  • Daily exercise provides your dog with many lifelong benefits that will not only improve his life but yours, too.
  • Exercise keeps dogs strong and healthy


BAT – Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0

BAT is a technique that gives the dog total control of making decisions in it’s environment while keeping the dog under threshold to any known triggers.Qualified trainers set the environment up in a perfect way therefore the dog is more interested in the environment then the trigger.When giving a dog choices there is always more natural learning taking place.This is the same way puppies or well socialized dogs learn.It’s the trainer that sets up the controlled environments so the dog can learn in a natural stress free way.

BAT was developed by Grisha Stewart for the rehabilitation for reactivity with dogs caused by fear,frustration, or anger.This tool is a must for any dog with reactivity, frustration,or anger issues on leash combined with BAT leash skills and implemented into your behavior mod program you will see your dogs gaining confidence and see your dog being a regular dog.

Camp Ruff Ruff currently holds a Certificate of Attendance for a BAT instructors course trained by Grisha herself.


Family Paws Parent Education

Dogs & Storks® is the first international program that prepares families with dogs for life with a baby. Answering the call of many parents, this program sets the groundwork for successful dog and baby interactions by giving parents the important information they need before baby arrives. Dogs & Storks® provides expecting families with the practical education and support they need during pregnancy in order to increase dog and baby safety and allay concerns many new parents have about the family dog.

Vinny Olito of SI,NY has successfully completed a rigorous course from Dogs & Storks® and the owner of Camp Ruff Ruff.Vinny is pleased to announce the Staten Island kickoff of Dogs & Storks®. The Dogs & Storks® classes offers solutions to common issues that are positive, practical, and both dog and baby friendly.These ideas will help increase baby safety, dog success and fun for the whole family.Camp Ruff Ruff is offering both local group classes/presentations and/or private consults for those needing a more detailed evaluation of their dog and instructional plan.


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