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Head trainer for book cover photo shoot. Mentioned in this book for rescues and training.


  • Karen Pryor- Don’t Shoot The Dog
  • Jean Donaldson- The Culture Clash, Mine, Train Your Dog Like  A Pro, Fight A Practical Guide To The Treatment Of Dog to Dog Aggression
  • Pamela Reid- Excel- Erated learning,
  • Patricia B. McConnel- The Other End Of The Leash, The Cautious Canine, The Puppy Primer, I’ll be Home Soon, Feisty Fido, Feeling Out Numbered, How To Be the Leader Of The Pack and have your dog love you for it,
  • Dr Ian Dunbar- How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks, Dog Behavior,
  • Turid Rugaas- Barking the sound of a language, On Talking Terms With Dog: Calming signals, Why My Dog Pulls What Do i Do?
  • For the Love iof The Dog – patricia McConnell
  • Stress, Anxiety and Aggression in Dogs
  • Hallgren, Anders
  • Karen B. London- Way To Go, Feeling Out Numbered P.B.mcconnel
  • Canine Behavior by Barbara Handelmann
  • Dogs and More Dogs – The true story of mans best friend DVD
  • Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds- 2nd edition D.Caroline Coile
  • Victoria Stillwell – all Seasons and active member on her forums
  • Jan Fennell – The Dog Listener
  • Kids and Dogs – Colleen Pelar
  • Successful Dog Adoption – Sue Sternberg
  • How Dogs Learn – Mary R. Burch and Jon S. Bailey
  • Plenty In Life Is Free – Kathy Sdao
  • Fired Up Frantic and freaked Out – Laura VanArendok Baugh


Head Trainer At a Robby and Waylon Krieger (of The Doors) concert. Robby and Waylon hanging out with Vinny Olito and James Guliani to support KENOS animal rescue. Click here for more!


Head Trainer on TV, Movie Sets and Speaking Engagements:

Educating on all levels: animal rescue, dog training & behavior, safety tips for bite prevention, life on the streets and importance of school.

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dogfella dog training
barcroft tv dogfella
Book Signings

 Article Published In Local Magazine


Video Conference for businesses on dog bite safety, training and more!

What Happens When A Pet Sitter Is Bit? Workmans Compensation. Dog Behavior


  • Treating Dog Reactivity –  Patricia McConnell
  • The Art and Science of Canine Behavior – Patricia McConnell
  • Patient Like The Chipmunks – BOB BAILEY
  • Dog-Dog Aggression – Patricia McConnell
  • The Fundamentals of Clicker Training – BOB BAILEY
  • Abandonment Training – Trish King
  • Lost In Transaction – Patricia McConnell
  • For The Love of A Dog – Patricia McConnell
  • Reading Between The Lines – Patricia McConnell
  • Abandonment Training – Trish King
  • Anxiety Different Forms, Different Solutions- Trish King
  • Family Paws Parent Education – Jennifer Shryock
  • Dogs and Storks – Jennifer Shryock
  • Parent Training- Jennifer Shryock
  • Canine Fear Aggression and Play Jean Donaldson
  • Improve your “I-Cue:” Learn the Science of Signals
    with Kathy Sdao
  • Camp Reward for Aggressive Dogs
    Instructor: Pam Dennison
  • Jean Donaldson – predation in family dogs
  • Pia Silvani -Classical Conditioning – Dealing With Emotional Dog
  • Positive Puppy Kindergarten – Suzanna Harris
  • How To Own And Operate a Dog Daycare Center – Robin Knepp Bennett
  • Adopting a Puppy Mill Dog – Everything you need to succeed
  • Advanced Canine Behavior – Patricia McConnell



  • A Trainers Guide to Teaching Reactive Rover Classes – Kim Moeller
  • Puppy Kindergarten with Suzanne Harris
  • Aggression In Dogs – Brenda Aloff
  • Success Through Socialization – Aimee Sadler
  • Language of Dogs DVD – by Sarah Kalnajs
  • Aggression In Dogs – Brenda Aloff
  • Canine Play Including its Relationship to Aggression – Dr. Karen London
  • Anne Lill Kvam – Turid Rugaas – Nosework Search Games
  • Master of Growlies – Dog -Tec – dog to dog aggression
  • BAT 1000 – Grisha Stewart
  • C.L.A.S.S Canine Life and Social Skills evaluator seminar “test”
  • Animal Emotions and Resource Guarding with Dr. Nancy Reyes – Certificate of Attendence
  • Seperation Anxiety – Nicole Wilde
  • Aggression From Brain to Bite – Chirag Patel
  • Kathy Sdoa – Cujo Meets Pavlovi
  • Ken Ramirez – Problem Solving
  • Ken Ramirez – Reinforcement Strategies
  • Confrontational Behavior: Modification & Training Techniques Dr. James Ha
  • Dissecting the Dynamics of Dog-Dog Play —- Nicole Wilde
  • IAABC 2009 Conference – Too Close For Comfort – Vera E Wilkinson

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