A Few Words About US and Why To Choose us for Your Dog!

We at www.campruffruff.com are a premier organization devoted to making your pets more attuned to our home environment in the most friendly and humane way possible. We also are one of the best options for you to keep your pet in case you and your family have to leave town. We provide homely surroundings for your pet and are totally against any sort of confinement.

I am Vinny, an animal lover since childhood and a certified behavior consultant and professional dog trainer. I started this enterprise to further my love for dogs and provide an amiable and homely atmosphere to dogs that come here. With us, you will have total peace of mind because our methods of looking after dogs and training them are friendly and we treat each dog as a part of Camp Ruff Ruff family.


Our behavioral training of dogs is done in most amiable, force free, humane and friendly manner. We constantly keep ourselves updated and educated regarding each and every development in dog training and behavior. We provide an environment just like your home and all dogs under our care and supervision are treated like a family member. Your dogs will get the required amount of mental and physical exercise as our trainers know the science behind how a dog’s brain works. Our methods are those which have been tested and upheld by dog lovers across the world since many years.

We take into account the singular challenges that you are facing and then use friendly methods to eradicate them so that a healthy relationship is born between you and your dog. Our special training methods help create a bond that is lifelong and based on trust, respect and friendship. We also teach you how you should conduct yourselves so that a sweet and solid relationship is forged. We train dogs of all ages, species and even puppies. We first gain the trust of your pet and then proceed to train them just like you train behavior to small children. To us every dog is special. We handle each dog separately because we believe different dogs have different needs. We are totally against force or confinement of any type.

Before starting the training we will evaluate your pet which will assist us in ascertaining its personality, likes/dislikes, aptitudes, social understanding and behavioral problems and patterns. Also we keep in mind your wishes and desires for your pet. Based on all these, we will recommend the best approach for training and behavior. Our training programs are full of fun, educative and stress free. We will also offer behavioral counseling for you so that you handle issues related to your dog like teaching your dog small things, jumping, chewing, play biting etc. Also our behavioral modification sessions will help you to deal with correct socialization, building confidence, aggression, anxiety and such things.

Dogs communicate through body languages to a considerable extent. Our training teaches dogs to sharpen their communication skills through body language and we will also coach you to discern their body language in an effective way. We believe basic obedience is mandatory for the perfect human-dog relationship. But we do not enforce this on them; rather we first gauge their mental and physical readiness, develop trust and communication and then start our training. We give incentives to dogs for doing a particular thing and after a considerable period, they continue doing the desired behavior without the incentives. We believe that learning is a continuous process and when you take your dog home we adjust the program which will help you and your pet to continue the relationship that we have forged further.


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