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by Lisa Stornaiuolo on Camp Ruff Ruff
Gunner's 2nd home

I have been using Vinny (and his family) as my sitter for over a year and a 1/2 now and my dog Gunner and I love them. He is very reliable and always tries to accommodate my dog sitting requests, even if they are sometimes last minute. I'm also very comfortable in the fact that he is a trainer because while Gunner is a good boy and likes most dogs, there are a few dogs that he just does not tolerate and I feel 100% confident that Vinny will monitor any situation and keep dogs happy at all times. He has a home in PA where he brings the dogs and he has set up his basement as a doggie camp. I love that Gunner gets to go the countryside once in a while, get out of the concrete jungle, and smell the fresh air. He loves hanging out with the family and settles right in every time. Vinny really takes pride in what he does and it shows. I would completely recommend him!

by Denise Mendoza on Camp Ruff Ruff

I was so lucky to find Vinny and Camp ruff ruff for my husky pickles.He treated pickles like his own dog. He catered to his needs. I love that it is a homey feel environment. I was very happy with the up to date pictures and information about pickles.I will be using Camp ruff ruff in the future and letting everyone know what a great experience this has been.

by Theresa Bigay on Camp Ruff Ruff
Bullet and Echo will miss their second family

Vinny has taken great care of my two English bull terriers while I have been stationed in NY for three years. Bullet is a 9 year old who suffered from abuse before I rescued him. Echo is a 4 year old who is deaf and incredibly high energy. Vinny has had such a calming effect on Echo. I can almost see how Echo thinks before jumping on people, stops when I signal to him, trying to decipher what I want him to do, and trying hard to be obedient. I know that this is all because of Vinny's interaction with him. It makes me work harder at communicating with both pups so they understand.I am a Coast Guard officer and constantly have to travel for work (with very short notice) out of state. Vinny was always incredibly flexible with accommodating my pups. They absolutely loved being campers at Camp Ruff Ruff and hanging with the other campers as well as Mickey.I always had boarding for my dogs at Veterinary Hospitals because my dogs demand such attention, they are very high energy, they have special diet needs, one is deaf and one is an escape artists who runs away the second he senses freedom. Once I saw Vinny's interactions with them and understood how knowledgeable he was, I trusted him 100%. I trust no one else with my dogs. Just Vinny and his crew!They always treated my pups like family! Now we are getting transferred to Portland, OR and the boys will miss their best buddy for sure. I know I will never find anyone who will care for them the same way when I'm away.Honest and trustworthy: Vinny was kind enough to walk my dogs as well. He had a key to my place and I never had an ounce of worry at all about my place, my belongings or my dogs. On the contrary, he always made me aware of any issues. One example was when my carbon monoxide detectors where alarming.No rating scale has enough stars to convey how much Vinny cares about animals. He took care of my pups thru Bullet's ear surgery and Echo's constant knee troubles. Always updating me on how they were doing while I was away. Vinny and his crew are true professionals. They are honest folks who love animals and do this out of love for dogs, not money.I will continue to recommend Vinny to all my Coast Guard friends who get stationed in the area. Camp Ruff Ruff is the best!

by Margaret on Camp Ruff Ruff

I had to leave my doggie for a long weekend. I was looking for a homey environment rather than a kennel. I was so pleased with camp ruff ruff and I had no anxiety when I dropped her off Vinny sent updates and photos of her during her stay, she always looked happy and of course safe. Will be using them again.

by Chris Colossale on Camp Ruff Ruff
You Were My Inspiration

I'm not sure if I ever told you I think I did awhile ago but you were my inspiration when you helped us with river to start training and learning animals behavior. Looking back now and how scared I was is everything to me now. I learned so much. I'm no longer afraid and have been successful with training the pitties. I always said once I can get over that fear I will be able to help dogs a lot more. So just want to thank you if I haven't in the past.

by Anna Marie olsen on Camp Ruff Ruff
Anna Marie olsen

It feels like my dog is staying with friends not a kennel.

by Diane on Camp Ruff Ruff
Winthrop is in the best hands!


I feel Winthrop is in the best hands!

by Kathleen Raven on Camp Ruff Ruff
Christmas Miracle!

My husband and I relocated to New York from Georgia. For the 2014 Holiday Season, we had to find a kennel for Sunshine, our fear-aggressive, 3-year-old American Eskimo. Previous kennels we had visited required Sunshine to be put through a "stress test." This usually meant a staring contest and then waving hands in front of her face. She failed all of these tests. I tried to explain to kennel owners that Sunshine was fully capable of behaving well given the correct approach. For example, she had successfully stayed in a kennel in Georgia. However, we could not find a good fit and thought about canceling our trip.

That's when we found Vinny and Camp Ruff Ruff.

Vinny drove to our home to meet Sunshine for the first time. Because he knew exactly how to read and interact with a fear-aggressive dog, Sunshine became comfortable with him immediately. Vinny then suggested a carefully orchestrated meeting with Mickey (a permanent Ruff Ruff camper!) to see how Sunshine handled being around another dog. Vinny gave me guidance throughout this second meeting on how to read Sunshine, and the meeting was a success! To ensure the best possible situation for Sunshine, Vinny suggested one overnight stay at Camp Ruff Ruff before the 11-day trip. The brief stay was also a success.

I should point out that in the past, some trainers have expressed doubt that Sunshine would ever be able to be in the presence of strange humans and dogs.

Vinny and Camp Ruff Ruff proved that with the right combination of expertise and patience, it was possible for a fear-aggressive dog like Sunshine to live peacefully in a cage-less kennel with humans and dogs!! Needless to say, we were able to make our holiday trip after all. Vinny sent photo updates of Sunshine and we felt completely at ease knowing she was in the best possible care. Sunshine came home with noticeably more confidence and even listened to commands better.

Thank you, Camp Ruff Ruff, for taking such amazing care of our girl!!

by Cristy on Camp Ruff Ruff
He came home such a happy boy.

I just want to thank you and your family for taking such good care of my baby.
He came home such a happy boy.
I think he will miss all his doggie friends.

by Ellen Heyer on Camp Ruff Ruff
I have tried 3 different trainers with my dog!

Ellen Heyer This would be fantastic!! I have tried 3 different trainers with my dog, with three different opinions... and feel I have lost a lot of time and money. In the meantime I researched a lot on my own. By some stroke of fate, I ended up contacting Vinnie from camp Ruff Ruff, I was desperate, trying to get information and opinions, as I was advised to have my dog put down. He spent about TWO hours of his own time, talking with me, knowing I would not even be a potential long term "customer" because I live in midwest. To me, this says a LOT. I learned more than I did (of course not the hands on part!), in that conversation than in all the sessions I've had thus far.

It also made sense with what I was observing with my dog. Getting a little off topic here,, but wanted to put my thoughts out here, and still don't know if I can express my gratitude enough. Vinnie also sent me information, and resources to help me find a local trainer, and offered to answer questions, help me as he could, etc. And he did not ask for a dime!

This is someone who is doing what they do because they love it, and really want to help, especially in cases like mine, where there seems to be no hope. It is hard, when you begin looking for a trainer, one says one thing, another something else, and they all sound good. I am a scientist by training.. and something like this, where I good get info and at least make some kind of informed decision, would be invaluable!!!!

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