Boarding Checklist

Please read dog boarding checklist to make your pets stay as comfortable as possible.
Camp Ruff Ruff

Please Note: ALL of these items are completely optional and your dog will have an enjoyable vacation even if you do not bring these items! This is our recommended boarding checklist.

boarding checklist

Echo taking a nap

-Food-Suggested: as changing any dogs diet is not good for there tummies.


-Treats- High Value 😉

-Medications/Vitamins (if applicable)

-T-Shirt or Towel– For your home smell keeps them confident and relaxed

-Special Needs: Have you alerted Camp Ruff Ruff of any special needs my pet may have? aggression, fear issues, separation anxiety ETC.

-Emergencies: Have you left us with proper contacts and understand our protocols. We will try and contact owners first, then second contact and if we feel a vet is necessary we will take your dog to nearest vet or hospital for your dogs safety.You will be responsible for bill upon pickup.

-Dogs must be current on Distemper (DHLPP), Rabies and Bordetella and show proof. We recommend that all pets are up to date on flea and tick prevention all year round.

We reserve the right to bathe your pet and/or treat it for fleas (at the owner’s expense) should we feel it necessary.

-Please submit our service agreement in advance so we have all your information and approvel before boarding.

This is Camp Ruff Ruff’s boarding checklist to make your furbabies comfortable as possible and stress free. If you have any suggestions or questions always feel free to ask us via phone, email or contact form. Thank you for using Camp Ruff Ruff for all your furbabies needs.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are certified professional dog trainers!

Our complete menu of professional pet services has been created to best serve our community.We are available most anytime for dog walking, dog boarding, dog or cat sits, training and behavior consultants.

Service Overview

Service Overview

We serve all of Staten Island!

Our complete menu of professional pet services has been created to best serve our community. We also service select areas in NYC , Brooklyn and Monroe County PA.We are available most anytime for dog walking, dog boarding, pet visits, training and behavior mod.



LLA Certificate of Excellence-Behavior Works!

Improving the quality of life for all learners.

Living and learning with all animals- Professor:Susan G. Friedman, PhD
Let’s Get Started

Let's Get Started

"Ready When You Are!"

Our goal is to make you feel 100% comfortable in us.  We work hard to gain your trust, security and business.We hope to become your life long pet care provider and are available to speak further anytime.

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