There are two types of behaviors: respondent and operant

dog eyesRespondent (another name is classical conditioning) and Operant which roughly corresponds to involuntary/innate behavior vs voluntary/learned behavior.

Respondent Behavior include simple reflexes such as Jumping to a loud noise ie. startle reflex. There is also an element of respondent behavior in certain inherited species typical behavior sequences called MODAL ACTION PATTERNS “used to be referred to as Fixed Action Patterns” eg. nest building onset by seasonal changes. (science proved these behaviors change once they hit the environment).

To be automatically elicited , respondent behaviors depend on particular events that occur immediately before a behavior, namely antecedent triggers. This respondent behaviors are described as stimulus – response S-R relations. Another way to refer to this response is a CER – conditioned emotional response

Operant Behaviors: Depend on consequences. Particular events that immediately follow a behavior.

R-S response – stimulus   (ask dog to sit- dog sits and gets reinforced by handler)

Respondent behavior”reflexes” is unaffected by consequences. 


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