Veterinarian Release Form

  • Pet Information
  • Veterinarian Information
  • During my absence, Camp Ruff Ruff will be caring for my pet(s). In the event of an emergency, I authorize you (veterinarian) to administer medical treatment and will be responsible for payment to you (veterinarian) upon my return.

    I give Camp Ruff Ruff permission to transport my pet(s) to the above veterinarian in the event of an emergency or sickness and receive any information pertaining to me pets in regards to their condition. I also give permission to release the results to Camp Ruff Ruff.

    If the above veterinarian is not available, I authorize Camp Ruff Ruff to transport my pet(s) to a veterinarian of choice and authorize treatment. If emergency care is needed after regular office hours, my pet(s) may be taken to the nearest Veterinarian Emergency Clinic/Hospital.

    I give permission to provide treatment up to SEE AMOUNT BELOW and I will be responsible for all charges upon my return.

    I agree that Camp Ruff Ruff is released from all liability related to transportation to and from veterinarian and treatment for sickness or emergency.

    This agreement will remain valid for all visits unless a new one is signed.

  • vet emergency allowance


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